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With 120+ years of combined experience, we bring peace of mind to the world's infrastructure. We deliver customer outcomes through intelligent, connected technologies to sense, monitor, control and inspect.

Bently Nevada has offices and manufacturing facilities worldwide, with significant presences in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

The moment of truth in pulp and paper manufacturing:

Few inventions have had a more profound impact on humankind than paper. Heralded as the foundation of knowledge sharing, the invention of paper has captured and preserved society’s knowledge throughout the ages. Following the development of the printing press in the 15th century, paper rapidly spurred intellectual advancements by sharing that knowledge far and wide, greatly catalyzing man’s innovation and progression.

Today, paper and the manufacture of pulp and paper is still a wonder. Manufacturing combines the art of papermaking with the science of highly sophisticated process production, generating a range of paper options that provide a multitude of possibilities for creativity and communication.

OEE: A vital metric in pulp and paper manufacturing:

In pulp and paper manufacturing, plant configurations vary in three primary ways: pulp manufacturing, paper production, and integrated mills that make both pulp and paper. While there are important differences in each of these environments, there is also much common ground. Let’s explore both.

What’s important across pulp and paper manufacturing environments? Pulp and paper operations are sophisticated and complex. Plants utilize hundreds of assets—boilers, motors, compressors, presses, pumps, gearboxes, turbine generators, paper machines, refiners, etc.—that must perform reliably, on demand, and at their best in terms of quality and productivity. While the specific equipment used in pulp vs. paper manufacturing differs, the principles and practices surrounding successful outcomes via metrics such as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are similar.

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